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Z Shape Foldable Hospital Bed Side Rail

Product Code 15101070016 - 180 cm 15101070007 - 150 cm 15101070014 - 120 cm 15101070018 - 90 cm

POLYMETAL proudly introduce "Z" Shape Foldable Hospital Bed Side Rail. The colorful arms are produced by plastic injection technology with high resistant, unbreakable raw material PA6 + GF%30! The design give chance to change the color according to request. It is specially designed for hospital strechers and manual hospital beds. New side rails are produced with aluminum sigma profile on the top & rectangular steel profile at the bottom for easy assebling with two screws.Ergonomic handle design provides easy lock & unlock. “Z” Shape collapsible side rail is produced for max. height and zero gap for patient safety.

Technical Specifications

  • High Durability Plastic Injection Arms
  • PA6 + GF %30 (Polyamid 6 + Glassfiber %30)
  • Unbreakable / High Strength
  • No Sharp Edges
  • Aluminum Profile Upper Side
  • Easy Assembling with 2 Screws
  • Non Visible Screws Covered by Caps
  • Ergonomic Handle for Easy Lock & Unlock
  • Special Height for Patient Safety

Technical Dimensions:

Lenght: 180/150/120/90 cm options. Height: Max. 38 cm / Min. 11 cm