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Metal Production Capacity;

CUT the metals by cnc controlled tube laser cutting machine for exact dimensions and diametres. We can give radius on corners to bend the profiles without bending.

BEND pipes in 3 axis with cnc controlled tube bending machine.

WELD by ABB robotic arms and Fronius Synergic Welding Systems all kind of welding such as Mag, Mig, Tig. Our robotic welding systems have rotational tables and our R&D team has experience to design our own jigs for roboting welding.

FURTHERMORE We are able to do all simple metalworks on metal such as Tread-Cutting /Drilling / Milling / Turning / Sanding / Deburring…

Plastic Production Capacity;

MOLD / TOOLING After producing more than 5000 molds, Polymetal has such a great experience on plastic injection molding, aluminum injection molding and blow molding molds/tools.

PLASTIC INJECTION with all types of engineering plastics; PMMA, PA6.6, PA %30 GF, PC, ABS, PS… we can press the products from 0,25 gr. to 3500 gr. Besides we can use many kinds of additives and components to give extra features to plastic materials like; fire-retardant, non-conductivity, coatability

ALUMINUM INJECTION capacity till to 700 gr. When you need extra strength for small parts. And when paintable parts are required.

BLOW MOLDING capacity of our machines are from 1500gr. to 8000 gr. and suitable to blow HDPP parts. We are able to produce seating parts, side rails, head boards…

Assembly & Packaging Capacity;

PAINT with epoxy powder coted. We work with Akzo Nobel and Jotun for powder coating paint. We can supply all stability tests such as scratch, salt test, cross-cut.

ASSEMBLE different materials like; plastic caps, wooden plates, HDPL and electronic components too. Our assembling lines have capability and experience to mount many different materials including; the gas springs, lineer actuators, electronic control panels…

PACK for international standarts and conditions. Because we are a producer for metal palets, we are able to design pallets according to products to load maximum quantitiy in containers.

LOAD & SEND to everywhere you need. Thanks to our location advantage (only 30 km far away from Izmir International Ports; Alsancak & Aliaga Ports) between Europe and Asia continents, we have many options for transportation; by truck, by sea, by aircargo, by train